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About Us

Foothill Design & Cabinetry is a small local business with a heart to serve you with sincere dedication.  We value you and your trust in us.  We seek to provide you with the best possible value and quality in design and cabinetry and stay within your budget too!

Our Formula For Your Maximum Value =

Thoughtful Design + Quality American Made Cabinetry + Budget Friendly Pricing

Your total satisfaction with your project is dependent on all three of these components.  If one is lacking, you may not be completely happy with the outcome.  This is why we seek to fulfill all three components of the Maximum Value Formula beyond your expectations.

First Component:  Thoughtful Design

A great design is the anchor of your project.  Many times, people are tempted to rush this step or settle with quick routine designs offered by impersonal home centers.  However, even good quality cabinets won't look or function their best in a rushed design.

Thoughtful and patient design is where it all begins!  This is a collaborative process between you and our designer. 

It all begins with your FREE Initial Design Consultation at your home.  Together, we will discuss your unique cabinetry desires in terms of style and function.  We will look at ideas and pictures you have collected as well as some of our samples and ideas.  Measurements are taken.  We also evaluate how your current project blends with the rest of your home and your long-term vision for your home.  We want to make sure your current project is a lasting improvement that enhances your home and your life.

FREE Estimate & See it first!  Then, we thoughtfully design and prepare a preliminary design including a photo-realistic rendering with an estimate within a week (this is also complimentary).

At no time, do we ever use high-pressure sales tactics.  We view ourselves as your partner in your renovation project.  We believe our design, commitment to your project, and high quality cabinetry at budget-friendly prices provides an exceptional value that sells itself.

Refine Your Design:
When you choose to continue at this point, we begin refining your design to completely suit your desires and needs.  This process is collaborative and completely tailored to your needs and desired outcome.  You will receive additional renderings and estimates along the way.  So, you will always be able to see your revisions and visualize your project before making your final decision.

Any design fees incurred (of which you would be advised of in advance) will be deducted in full (up to 40 hours of design fees) from the price of your cabinetry, if you choose to have us provide your cabinetry within 9 months.

Second Component:  Quality American-Made Cabinetry

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American-Made Cabinetry and Budget-Friendly Pricing.
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